Residential Painting

We know

We know that painting residential properties is about making an impact & a statement that compliments your personality.

Therefore, before beginning any project, we meet our clients, get to know what they want, show them references, and understand their requirements and taste. After this discussion, we provide them with an estimate that clearly includes the quality of products we will use, how much time we will take to complete the given project and what will be the scope of work.

We follow our routine

Once the contract is signed we follow our routine judiciously so that we complete the project within a given time, without any delays. We take pride in our team of professional painters who are well trained and mannered. We make sure, you do not face any issues with rearranging your furniture, paintings, and other personal belongings.

After the project is complete, we make sure that we deliver a stainless, perfectly finished space that you will fall in love with instantly!

Dedicated team

We, at Gurmish painting boast of our expertise in high-quality exterior and interior painting services which include injury repair & stain removal services as well.

We also have a dedicated team for color consultation who will take you through the various qualities, features, and finish for colors and patterns before you make your decision. We don’t see a residential project as a task but we treat it as our responsibility as we feel that it is imperative for us to offer our clients a dream house in perfect colors.

Exterior painting

Good quality paints and expert painting techniques can truly transform the look of your house. We are experienced in painting all kinds of outdoor materials with the right products & techniques.

Before beginning any outdoor painting project we make sure that we cover your plants, caulk & fill cracks in the walls for that perfect finish. We always believe that it is important to use the highest quality emulsion paint for a long-lasting effect. For that reason, before starting the project, we always set up a discussion with our clients and take them through the various qualities of paints available and the possible textures that can go with it.

Once the painting is complete, we inspect the property with you to make sure it’s spotless and see if any final touch-ups are required.